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With cloud storage you can easily upload all kinds of files or documents to a safe online environment. Cloud storage allows users to upload files that can be accessed over the internet from a different computer, tablet, smart phone or other networked device. By the same user or possibly by other users, after a password or other authentication is provided. A lot of people and corporations use online cloud storage to have backup data of all their existing files. This prevents losing all of your important data because of a fire, a defect harddrive or theft.Data that is often storaged in the cloud are photos, videos, text documents, presentations, and music.


Not only is cloud storage ideal for backup of existing files but the best cloud storage providers also provide further benefits like easy file sharing, online collaboration on certain files, photo viewing purposes where for example you can reach your photos online if you are visiting family. It’s no longer needed to bring along a CD-rom or USB-stick.

Other terms that are often used instead of cloud storage are file hosting service, cloud storage service, online file storage provider or cyberlocker.

In the past online file storage was primarily targeted to small businesses, but these days the price for storage has become so low, that a lot of new storage providers are coming into the marketplace to offer their services to regular consumers.

There are a lot of cloud storage providers offering their services. On this site we will focus on the best cloud storage providers by looking at the most important elements. This will help you in selecting the storage provider that best suits your needs.