How much storage space do you need?


The free option from a cloud storage provider can sound pretty interesting, but with the vast amount of data that most people accumulate it’s hardly sufficient. In determining what amount of storage space you need, you must take into consideration the following factors:

  • If you’re planning to upload your entire digital photo collection, take into consideration the total file-size of all your photos and what you’re expecting to add the following year. With digital cameras still up-sizing their megapixels per photo, the average file-size of a picture has steadily increased these last couple of years. A couple of years worth of family photos could easily add up to anything between 10 or 30 Gb.
  • Are you planning to use your cloud storage space for adding video’s? These could be video-files from your camera or uploaded movies. An average high-definition video file (1080p) of 2 hours could easily be as big as 15 Gb.
  •  Are you planning to update your music collection. A music collection in  MP3 could easily use up a couple of Gb’s, let alone if you store your music files in a high definition format (.flac for example).
  • Are you planning to use your storage space for work purposes, for example storing powerpoint presentations or backing up your complete email-history (.pst outlook files).
  • Do you want to back-up your entire hardrive or maybe the harddrives of a couple of computers for security reasons? How large are these hard drives?
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