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What features to look for when selecting a cloud storage provider

When you’re looking for the best cloud storage provider you’re probably comparing all kinds of features. We think the following features are the most important:


  • Can you set the backups up to occur on specific moments, like daily, weekly or monthly?
  • Can you use automated backups? This means files are automatically saved whenever you alter them and new files are also automatically updated by your cloud service provider.
  • Can you restore previous versions of your files in case you accidentally delete the latest version of a file?

File-sharing capabilities

  • Can you easily share photos with a slideshow-option?
  • Can you make individual private links for other people related to a specific file?
  • What are the sharing methods: Facebook? Twitter? Email? Links?

File Size:

  • What’s maximum file size limit? This could be important if you’re planning to upload high defintion video content, a 2-hour movie can easily reach a file size of 8 Gb.

File Access and support

  • Can you store all kinds of digital files (photo’s, videos, texts, etc.)?
  • Can you access the file from any kind of harware: Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, eReader, TV etc.
  • Does the Cloud provider support windows, MAC, Linux, etc.
  • Does the provider offer apps for android, Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry or Windows Phone?
  • Can you set file-permissions for indivual files?
  • Can you set maximum up- and download speeds?


  • Does the cloud storage provider offer support by Instant Messaging (IM)?
  • Is there 24/7 support?
  • Does the cloud storage provider have a knowledge base or at least an extended FAQ page?
  • Does the cloud storage provider offer Tutorials?