Why use cloud storage?


There are a lot of advantages in using cloud storage opposed to storing all your data on local hardware.

  • Great freedom in accessing your files from anywhere on any device. You can show your holiday pictures on your tablet while visiting your family without storing all these pictures on that tablet. Just set up your WIFI, open your cloud storage app and you’re good to go.
  • Storing your data with one of the best cloud storage providers will make you sleep a lot better. There’s no need to worry about hard drives crashing and losing all your important files.
  • Many storage providers offer the possibility to share your files in an easy way with other persons. You just need to specify which files (photo’s, spreadsheets, texts ,etc.) you give permission for access to and your friends or colleagues can view those files and even edit them (if you authorized them to do so).
  • You don’t need to worry about having enough storage space. Some cloud storage providers even offer unlimited storage.
  • The best cloud storage providers provide easy-to-use interfaces for backing up your files. You just need to select the folder or file you want to back-up and the automated processes on the providers side do the rest.
  • Syncing: your files are automatically updated on all your devices. If you alter a text file on your desktop the latest saved version of this file will also be available on your mobile or Ipad.
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